“Calamity” Jon Morris currently lives just outside Seattle, having previously resided in Tucson, Arizona.  He is married to a wonderful woman and, together, they have a wonderful dog. 

Jon is a cartoonist, designer, and writer. You can read more about that below. He is also the two-fisted king of the hobo jungles and world-famous performing internet ape.

You can hunt Jon down pretty much anywhere on the internet under the handle "Calamity Jon." To make it easier on yourself, find him on your favorite social media or contact him directly using the links below:

Email: CalamityJon@gmail.com

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Calamity Jon is a Writer...

Jon has been writing humor and culture-related content for more than decade. His long-running blog on failed, ignored and just plain weird comic books, Gone&Forgotten, contains more than eight-hundred entries on the abandoned and dusty corners of the comic book biz. Not only did the blog score Jon an appearance on This American Life to discuss what makes a superhero fail to catch the popular imagination, it also provided the foundation of his first book, The League of Regrettable Superheroes - published by Quirk Books of Philadelphia.

Jon is also the author of The Chronological Superman, an exhaustive attempt to chronicle the development of the world's arguably most popular superhero throughout his first twelve years of publication across all media. He has also written for The High Hat, Comic Club USA, Dummy, and many other magazines and blogs. 

Calamity Jon is a Cartoonist ...

Jon graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in illustration and graphic design. He has been working as an illustrator since the age of twenty, and has contributed artwork to assorted comics, role-playing games, newspapers and more. He has been the editor and organizer, as well as contributor, for the annual horror/humor anthology BOO! Halloween Stories from Monkeybrain Comics, for several years.

He has a particular interest in character design, and contributed designs for Batman and the Riddler for the 2013 DC Nation short, Riddle Me This.

Jon is the creator of the Ignatz-nominated webcomic Jeremy, a long-running story about the nine year-old son of Doctor Frankenstein. Collections of the webcomic are available from print-on-demand service Lulu.com.

You can see much more of Jon's illustration work at his cartooning-specific Behance portfolio.

Calamity Jon is a Designer ...

Jon has worked as a designer across traditional and digital media for more than ten years. His experiences include everything from logo and identity branding to trade dress and wearable design. 

Since moving to Washington, Jon has focused on User Experience, concentrating on accessibility-accommodating designs. He has contributed to projects for an assortment of clients, and is named in a series of design patents for Microsoft's Pixelsense technology. 

You can see much more of Jon's design work at his portfolio site.