The worst, wildest, weirdest, most ignored and most overlooked stories, characters, creators and companies in comic book history!

It's the blog which inspired The League of Regrettable Superheroes, and yet it keeps going! Check out the site, visit Gone&Forgotten's Tumblr for daily updates, or listen to Jon discuss failed comic book superheroes on This American Life!

A podcast dedicated to Columbo.

RJ White and Jon Morris invite special guests to join them in watching and discussing episodes of the beloved 1970s (and less-beloved 1990s) television detective series Columbo. Listen to new and previous episodes on iTunes, Sticher or your podcast-listening service of choice. Join us on Twitter, check out our Tumblr, or join the conversation at

Chronicling every appearance of Superman- from comic to newspaper, cartoon to film, and more - in the order it happened.

Superman is an iconic figure in American pop culture and probably the most prominent folk hero of the latter Twentieth Century - but how did he get that way? The Chronological Superman charts the evolution of the Man of Steel from 1938 to the modern day, one year at a time ...


The Shticky Comic

Buddy Nutkis has been performing since age 3, when he debuted on stage playing a baby someone was trying to feed to a donkey. Now he resides at a rest home in Sugar Loaf, NY. He's taken his act to Twitter because a lot of the old venues dried up, burned down, or only ever existed in a coma dream.

Get Out Of My Headdddd

It's the most overused phrase in comic book writing, and yet they just won't stop using it. Check out a catalog of excess, when there's no other possible dialog that can be used except "Get Out Of My Headdddd..."